Xbox One Unboxing! (Day One Edition Unboxing)

Xbox One Unboxing! (Day One Edition Unboxing)


Xbox One Unboxing! (Day One Edition Unboxing)

Xbox One: Day One Edition vs. Standard Edition


  1. i love the day one edition but i'm not getting it for some apparent reason. but i am gonna get the regular xbox one with the kinect . which i don't know why i'm planning this but i'm just gonna do it. P.S
    i love not only the xbox one i also love the ps4 but i love that to bits but the xbox one just 10% more.

    ▕╭┻┻┻┛┗┻┻┛ ▕ ╰▏

  2. Why did he say we should have it horizontal instead of vertical. I understand that the xbox one was made to be horizontal but the other devices can be either way. Does it look ugly in his opinion?

  3. Should I get a xbox one or a ps4 because I don't know what to get… I need to know which one over heats… Which one is easier… Which one has the best graphics… And which one has the best. Controller and. Exclusives please reply

  4. Lol my local GameStop keeps on running out of PS4's but the XB1's NEVER sold out what so ever

  5. I'm going with the Xbox One since it plays in 720p and you have to pay $60 a year for membership and must be gold for Netflix and all other 3rd party applications.

  6. I hate when people stand their console up. If you hit it, it will fall down. Then you're fucked! 😀

  7. I bought both to compare. Then I sold the X-box. Please people, save your money and buy a PS4.

  8. This is why I like to do some research on the system's before I buy so I know what am getting out of the box. Money Smart.

  9. 0:12 anyone notice the guy in the background behind the tv and the guy holding the Xbox Day One Edition they look so much a like

  10. got the day one edition its lasted three yearsbefore it gave up and stopped work today

  11. got day one but no day one controller
    also I got a shadow jago for killer instinct and a strange code that i forgot what it did

  12. I've noticed there are 2 versions of the day 1 controller: one with the chrome d pad and other with a black d pad. Does anyone know which one is rarer?

  13. I got my Xbox one assassins creed unity edition on black friday while I traded in abunch of old tech I wan't using and got one amazing price around like 250$, but it came with a broken headset, and I bought a few games and a controller codaw controller so it cost a bit more :3 Anyways its a great system and I love it! Just I got a broken headset that needs fixing 😛

  14. I bought the standard bundle with assassin creed black flag and unity bundle, it came with the normal controller and I went to Walmart and bought a camouflage Controller. The controller scroll pad has a chrome on it like the day one edition looks sick!

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