Xbox One S: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

Xbox One S: Everything You NEED TO KNOW


Xbox One S: Everything You NEED TO KNOW


  1. They named it the Xbox one because it is the Number ONE entertainment device. The only entertainment device that you'll ever need.

  2. People are saying that the Xbox one controller ''feels'' smaller than the original xoc, Is this true? Are the dimensions actually different?

  3. What about the fact you need the net to set it up Microsoft are slowly edging their customer to be completely reliable on internet connection and farming your data while being able to take away support at the drop of a hat to channel you into buying their latest shit?!!

  4. Hey guys! So I'm thinking of getting an Xbox One. But! y two choices are Xbox One or Xbox One S.  Xbox One is a great console but its big and has that power box. And Xbox One S has no power box and is smaller and 4K video! But! Xbox One S heats up faster than Xbox One. And Xbox One S has 4K like I said but if you don't have a 4K TV it doesn't do anything! Please help its super hard to decide!

  5. so you need a 4K tv to play the Xbox one s cause if so I just bought it and I don't have a 4k

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