Xbox 360 unboxing from GameStop

Xbox 360 unboxing from GameStop


Xbox 360 unboxing from GameStop


  1. Hey,i just got a xbox 360 arcade from my relative,it came with a gta v,do you think i should buy minecraft for xbox?

  2. I just got a Xbox one bundle a week ago from GameStop and it was a good deal because it came with gears of war plus I got another free game with it

  3. i am happy people still buy xbox 360s its a mirical becuse there refurbeshed modles on cheap and new modles are cheap to plus there games are great and fun for last gen.

  4. you are so lucky man I been wanting one for my whole life but this is what happens when your poor enjoy it I hope u enjoy it

  5. Did you buy this refurbished or Pre-owned because I am planning on buying one? And do you still have it and does it still work? Thx.

  6. cool i have the Xbox One with 3 wireless controllers and 4 games
    i have the Minecraft Xbox One Edition

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