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xbox 360 problems?


having major xbox 360 problems. yesterday while playing halo 3 the images at first starting messing up and then it went to a screen telling me to contact customer service. if anyone else has been through this and knows how to fix it themselves i would really appreciate it. please don’t tell me to send it in to be fixed because that is not really an option.

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  1. yeah your xbox should be under warrenty with microsoft for 3yrs after the first year you bought it so 4 years altogether so if you’ve had it less than that phone up microsoft. if you’ve had less than a year the shop you bought it from will replace it and they’ll send it 2 microsoft for you. i’ve had mine since feburary and its broken twice on my third 1 its really annoying

  2. Well, it could be two things. One is that it was scratched or messed up and you should return it or it could be this.Halo games often experience glitches with movements, pictures and other miscellaneous. Hope it helps.I can see where you are going with this and it may not be the xbox.Before I can tell you, did a red light flash on the console?

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