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Xbox 360 Open Tray, Unrecognizable Disc, E64.?


Okay so I bought my Refurbished Xbox 360 Slim 250 GB last August for $250 ,being the moron I am getting a refurbished console. I have also had many errors and they all started on Christmas Day when I got my new games and stuff, which blows really bad. It started with me playing Modern Warfare 3 at my grandma’s and I was in the middle of a game and it just gave me a message saying, “The disc is unreadable, please clean the disc and shut off the xbox and restart it.” So I did that and it was all good, but I would occasionally get this message every few hours. In short terms, I get this message all the time and it never reads the discs. The discs are in perfect shape and I know that the drive or the laser is all screwed up, but I need some sort of quick, non-warranty voiding solution. BTW: I have already gotten it repaired by Microsoft and that only made it work for about a month. Right now I have it packed up in my closet in the original box because for they past week I’ve been getting a red dot and the E64 error and I need a solution for that too. Anybody got any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. sorry dude i know you’ll hate this. buy a new one.if you have the receipt, maybe they will take it back for a used price. the original 360s are really cheap on ebay you should check that out. if Microsoft could not fix it, then no one can try contacting them again but it will be cheaper to buy a used even new one. or be thankful for what you have. every three hours sounds like a long play time anyway. heres a method i looked up. Although this may sound dumb, it works. So the steps that worked for me to fix it were, put the game in, and while it’s loading tap moderately hard with your controller on top of the disc reader until it loads the game. I know it sounds stupid but it works. or You can check [url is not allowed] for how to repair.youtube is no help though. hoped that helped.

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