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why can’t i watch dvd movies in hd with component cables on my ps3?


there should be another update soon to correct this problem.

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  1. If I understand your question correctly, here’s the answer. A PS3 can upscale normal DVDs. Doing so does not make normal DVDs really “High Def”, but it does improve the image. To do so, you need to use the HDMI output on the PS3. Supposedly, limiting the signal to HDMI helps prevent copying/pirating as HDMI includes HDCP encryption. Realistically, it’s just an annoyance to consumers.

    Of course the P3S can pass a true HD signal from Blu Ray discs over component cables.

  2. The last update 1.8 allows the Ps3 to upconvert regular DVD’s. You need the HDMI cable to watch Blu-ray movies in 1080P if you have a TV that will display 1080P

  3. You can watch DVDs in HD with component cables which would be 720p but you won’t watch them in 1080p resolution. Go to your settings in the PS3 menu and adjust the resolution. If you want to watch the DVDs in 1080p you have to use an HDMI cable.

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