Home Videos Why can’t I connect to Live on Xbox One?

Why can’t I connect to Live on Xbox One?


Why can't I connect to Live on Xbox One?

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  1. Can you help me because it said unplug the network cable went I connected to the network help pls

  2. i checked my Network connection and it says it's all good but when i go to my home it says connect to xbox live anyone got a fix???

  3. My xbox one isn't detecting my wireless. It says (Plug in Ethernet cable or Set up a wireless network). I tried Testing the Connection, and even tried setting up my wireless again but nothing is happening! The funny thing is I have NO PROBLEMS connecting online on my 360.

  4. the problem that I am having is Xbox is pushing this new deal for gold on me but when I decline I get a message saying I can't play online. I don't know what to do and it is really pissing me off…..

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