Which of these new XBOX 360 games are worth getting?

Which of these new XBOX 360 games are worth getting?


modern warfare 2-i actually didnt play the first one that much but everyone i know has this game and talks about it all the time and it looks pretty cool so i feel like i should jump on the bandwagon

assassins creed 2-i remember playing the first one at a friends house and it was pretty fun and ive heard a lot of good things about this one.

madden 2010-havent bought a madden game in a long time and football season has really got me wanting to play one

avatar the game-the movie looks really cool, the game looks cool, something new

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  1. I would say Modern Warfare 2. I’m pretty sure all of the reviews have given it at LEAST an 8.5+/10 (Don’t quote me on this one though)

    And I’m biased towards Assassin’s creed, I didn’t like the first. So, instinctively I don’t like the 2nd.

    And the Madden game, and again, I’m kind of biased, I’m not too big on Football.

    And Avatar. I’m biased too :P. I already know the whole plot, and how it’s going to end, from just watching the trailers! But then again that’s the movie. But I guess if its the right type of action game, go for it ;).

  2. everybody’s playing mw2 cuz its awesome.

    i think i heard assassins creed 2 was overhyped so it’s not that great, but i could be wrong.

    i really don’t care for madden, but if you like “foolsball” why not.

    and i don’t think movie games are the best games you can buy.

    so out of the games you listed the safer/best choice you could make is mw2.

  3. Well. Lets see. Here is my opinion and what I might do.

    My friend brought Modern Warfare 1 and his Xbox to my house while he stayed here for 4 days and XBL + MW1 was fun as *! Wow! I have beaten the campaign for MW1 and MW2 on my PC. Both GREAT! I think I liked the MW1 campaign better. But they were both very, very good and the MW2 campaign has some really awesome stuff in it ;). The online is supposed to be beyond better then MW1 so that is definitely a plus. I plan on getting this game as well if that tells you anything.

    I am playing Assassin’s Creed 1 and its good but repetitive, Assassin’s Creed 2 is supposed to change that and it is supposed to be much better. Go look at the Gamespot rating and review. My friend has Assassin’s Creed 2 and he played it through twice and I am going to borrow it from it and check it out. Definitely a top rated game and looks like its worth playing!

    I am not a fan of sports games at all so I wouldnt get it but I know my buddy played Madden online constantly and loves it. So if thats what your into. Go for it.

    Movie games. Uh. Some are good like Lord of the Rings, Spiderman is alright, most are mediocre, but some are definitely worth playing but judging by most movie games. I dunno if I’d go for it. I would test it out first definitely.

    So I would be getting MW2 for sure if it was me!

  4. I don’t like sports games because Madden will only be fun until Madden 2011 comes out next year and their is going to be less people online. I don’t like Assassin’s creed 2 because the first game got boring in just a week, there’s no online play in AC2, the missions get really repititive, and the game starts off slow. I prefer CODMW2 because it has a addictive online mode, that’s it. It has a short story line that you can beat in a day but i would only buy it for online play. Also Avatar the game got a low score from a few websites because of the controls and camera, so i wouldn’t buy that game.

    If you like shooting games and online mode, go for Call of Duty. If you don’t have Xbox live get Assassin’s Creed 2. If you like Football alot, have online moode and don’t care about the game only being fun for a year get Madden. I wouldn’t reccomend Avatar because of the numerous problems and low score.

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