Home Playstation Forum whats the deal with the ps3 HDMI cable?

whats the deal with the ps3 HDMI cable?


are all of the ps3 HDMI cables messed up or just some, how much does one coast? is it worth it?

please state another other thoughts about it

thank you

i will pick best answer

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  1. I bought an HDMI cable for my ps3 on Amazon for about $5 with shipping. The picture is amazing. I can’t compare this to more expensive cables, but I don’t see how they can be worth paying ten times as much for. There is no need to buy a really expensive HDMI cable.

  2. The SONY HDMI cable cost about $49.99, I think it was the last time I checked. If your tv supports HDMI hook-up than yes it is definetley worth buying. The display of an HDMI cord is amazing! I don’t even remember what regular cords look like. However, I recommend that you buy a Monster brand HDMI cord. It does cost a little more but the clerks at best buy recommended it to me and I love mine. Yes, if you play PS3 without HDMI you are not getting the best out of your PS3.

  3. All HDMI cables are pretty much the same. Some are better shielded, but they’re not that vulnerable to interference to begin with. They all have the exact same image quality, since they’re all transporting the same digital information which your TV decodes to produce the image. You can pick up a HDMI cable for under $20 if you look around. The quality is unrivaled by any other connection method. It allows for full 1080p images, and also allows you to send 7.1 channel surround sound over the same wire. It also supports “deep color” for TV’s that support it, which allows your TV to display more colors than your eyes can see. That reduces color banding and gives a much richer, more saturated image than a standard HDTV. However, there are few deep color compatible sets out there.

    Component: only allows up to 1080i, and since it’s analog it’s vulnerable to interference. Color isn’t as rich as digital, nor is overall image quality.

    DVI: Same image quality as HDMI (but no deep color support), but cannot transport sound over the same wire.

    HDMI: by far the best quality of them all.

  4. no its the same exact thing with any other hdmi cable. well maybe theres a miniscule enhancement with a sony licensed hdmi, but in theat case it would not even me noticeable.

    why do they do it? to become richer. they could take a usb cord, lisence it, and sell it for $20 more and some people would still be stupid enough to buy it. they think that it is so much better when in reality it does squat.

    buy a $6 hdmi cord from newegg.com, not a $50 hdmi of same quality from sony.

  5. I have 4 different brands of HDMI. the cheapest is $10 and the most expensive is $80 (the Sony one). but the $10 works as great as the $80.

    Don’t buy an expensive one. Get the cheapest you can find. It’s great with PS3.

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