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What should I do with my broken xbox? I want the new 250gb with built in wireless.?


I have a Xbox 360 core with a 20gb hardrive and a wireless adapter and two remotes and some games. My xbox has red rings and it is out of warranty. Im willing to trade in all of the stuff except my games. I also have like $80 dollars in cash and my parents will help me a little with money.Is there anymore options? please help

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  1. If your Xbox is broken. Then depending on wat is wrong with it you might just have to throw it out.

    If you try to sell it to a pawn shop they wont take it cuz they check the items bein sold to them before they except it from you.

    Just save ur money. get a job (which is hard as F#%K rite now, Ive been tryin)

    Or do some chores for your parents and ask for some money in returne.

    Good luck!

  2. i just sort of had the same problem, my xbox got red ringed and i was super bored. i dont know if mine is still on warranty. but you can go on those buy and sell sites (kijiji or craigslist) and there’s always people looking to buy the broken x box’s. i imagine you they turn around and fix them. if you want to try and fix yours, i found a website with a manual on ‘how to fix a red ring xbox in an hour’ and apparently if you can’t fix it they give you a new x box? i can’t find it at the moment, but its about $30 and you can get it instantly in pdf format.

  3. Dont buy the 250 one just get the 4 gb one and buy like a 16 gb usb drive for the storage save like 75$

  4. I noticed in my area a lot of people are wanting to buy broken electronics, specifically game systems off Craigslist. So go check on Craigslist under the ‘Wanted’ section and see if anyone in your area is wanting to buy broken systems. You could probably get a good deal from someone.

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