What Headphones Can You Use With The Xbox One?

What Headphones Can You Use With The Xbox One?


What Headphones Can You Use With The Xbox One?

Want to fix the awful buzzing sound and use Apple’s EarPods earbuds on with Xbox One controller? It’s actually super easy! This is not my usual type of video, but this is something that made my life WAY easier when I figured it out. Thanks to @tylerqhall on Twitter for the tip!
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How to use Apple headphones on the Xbox One (BUZZING NOISE FIX)

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  1. i have a ctia and can hear my friends fine but they cant hear me, is there any particular solution to this?

  2. If I have the proper ctia headphones, you said that I will be able to hear both game sound and chat chat sound, correct? Will I be able to speak to other players with these headphones?

  3. Thank you very much. If it was not for this video i would've wasted my money and chose the wrong headphones. THANK YOU!

  4. I have several pairs of headphones with the correct rings but I cannot figure out how to get the mic to work on any of them. I can hear everything perfectly but nobody hears me.

  5. when u realize your controller dosn't have a headphone jack and have to spend more money

  6. My headphones are plugged in and i still can't hear game audio but I can hear my friends and talk to them.

  7. Thanks for this info. it helped me greatly. I just got my Xbox 1 a few days ago and couldn't communicate in game. I already had a RadioShack Gaming headset w/mike that has the 3 rings on the jack plug and I discovered that my Apple iphone has earbuds w/ a mike thingy on it too…so now I'm going into test mode for both. Thanks again for being so helpful.
    Yours was the first vid to tell me about the 2 rings and 3 rings on a headphone.. I wondered why the other headphone mike didn't work…it was a 2 ring job. lol

  8. My $10 Skull Candy ear buds work for me they don't have a mic but the $30 ones do I'm buying them next pay check.

  9. I have been using headphones and one day it just stopped projecting sound and even when the cord is in, it says there's nothing plugged in. Please help. Thanks.

  10. Which headphones work perfectly with the controller? Ones you can use to listen and also use as a mic.

  11. I've been having this problem for months and now that the headphones I was using for my Xbox controller are busted this video is a life saver best video ever 10/10

  12. Why don't you remove the cover to the metal jack and de solder the ground and mic and swap them around sure the jack may then not look right but then it will work

  13. Love how concise this is. No boring intro, doesn't talk slowly, and no bullshit screenshots that pan here and there in a pristine room or studio.


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