What happened to my PS3?

What happened to my PS3?


I have a 320GB PS3 Slim since 2011 and it has worked perfectly. When I purchased it, I had different HDMI cords from cable companies and tried them on the PS3 but non of them worked so I purchased a video game HDMI which works beautifully. Saturday, I woke up and did some errands before I got some gaming done. The first gaming session lasted about 1 hour before I had to leave the house again. Later that night I wanted to get some gaming done but for some reason I could not see anything on the TV. I changed HDMI ports and cables and still nothing. The console still turns on and off as usual; however, there is nothing on the screen for me to see. I even tried to use the “red, yellow, white” old school cables but my 55″ LG smart TV requires me some adapter in order to plug that kind of cables to it. I believed it was still the HDMI’s fault so I set my mind onto buying a new HDMI tonight. I leave school today and set the computer to watch a movie but I plugged my HDMI (the one supposed to not work anymore) and it works perfectly fine with the laptop and the TV. What might’ve happened to the PS3?

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  1. Hey, your video setting might be wrong for your tv reset video settings by holding the poer button while the ps3 its off wait for the second beep release and yest resolution by resolution maybe your tv cant do full 1080p, i have a video on my youtube channel on how to set it up. http://www.youtube.com/unityelt

  2. Reset your video output. Hold down the power button until you hear 2 or 3 beeps and that will reset it.

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