Wander — Story Trailer | PS4

Wander — Story Trailer | PS4



An ethereal realm filled with incredible creatures just waiting to be explored. Wander is coming to PS4 soon. Take to the skies.

Wander -- Story Trailer | PS4

Wander (PS4) - Possibly the worst game this generation


  1. This game looks cool XD
    But i just want WiLD so badly, would it kill them just release one artwork or one picture so i can go on surviving for another half a year??

  2. I am streaming this tonight and this weekend if anyone wants to check it out. Looks like an amazing game with plenty of opportunity to grow! The idea is its an MMO with exploration being key, if you have any questions feel free to ask been in touch with the devs about this and looking forward to checking it out.

  3. I love the game's art. Reminds me of things like Myst, Avatar, Bionicle, Ryzom…

    Shame it's unplayable :/

  4. They Use F*cking Cryengine, and they ruined the First Person View, from that point on, i knew this game is terrible

  5. This is what happens if you're ambitions, well meaning but inexperienced.

    I guess this is why a lot of Indie devs stick to "retro" games.

  6. at 3:33
    It takes a very special kind of developer to take the impressive PS4 hardware and something like the Cry Engine and then cobble together something that's less functional than Superman on the N64.

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