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UNO – 2v2 Full Match! (Cartoonz & Delirious Vs Ohm & Bryce) First to 500 Points!


Each player is dealt 7 cards with the remaining ones placed face down, The first player has to match the card in the DISCARD pile either by number or color. For example, if the card is a red 7, player must throw down a red card or any color 7. Or the player can throw down a Wild card. If the player doesn’t have anything to match, he must DRAW a card. If he can play what is drawn, great. Otherwise, play moves to the next person.

When you have one card left, you must yell “UNO” (meaning one). Failure to do this results in you having to pick two cards from the DRAW pile. That is, of course, if we challenge them.

Once a player has no cards left, the hand is over. Points are scored.

Want more matches? Let me know 🙂

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Friends in this video –
CaRtOoNz – http://bit.ly/1hb64Nw
Bryce: https://www.youtube.com/BryceGamesYT
OHM: https://www.youtube.com/MaskedGamer

Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

UNO - 2v2 Full Match! (Cartoonz & Delirious Vs Ohm & Bryce) First to 500 Points!


  1. Does anyone else find the way ohm talks and orders people around super infuriating and you just want to skip ahead to where he's not talking?

  2. i like how delirious acts like he doesn't have the card but cartoonz is there like

  3. a moment of deja vu delirious has a draw 4 cartoons has 2 wilds now delirious has a wild cartoonz has 2 draw 4's how is this possible

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