Home Playstation Games Ultratron (PS4/PS3/Vita) Thoughts and Impressions (Gameplay Commentary)

Ultratron (PS4/PS3/Vita) Thoughts and Impressions (Gameplay Commentary)


Ultratron (PS4/PS3/Vita) Thoughts and Impressions (Gameplay Commentary)

Should I Buy? Ultratron - (Quick Video Game Review)


  1. Love retro arcade games. Kids these days like games that tell them a story. I can watch a movie for stories. Modern games have no replay value.

  2. It's a fun addictive game as you said. I've made it to level 70+ & would like to get the last 2 trophies but almost have given up.

  3. I'm Ranked 82nd in the world currently on the Vita version. this game is so fun. Btw dodging challenge is really easy. There's a way of doing it.

  4. The game was released around 10 years ago on PC, Linux and Mac. They've just made a recycled ports now. I agree with most of your words though.

  5. Nice review bro. I recommend you review more stuff because your reviews are simple and nice

  6. I got the whole bundle with all the games by puppy games for 2-5 dollars on steam πŸ˜€

  7. AI doesn't need to be smart because there are no obstacles in Crimsonland. It does only start slow. You have to react fast like in Ultratron.
    Many things you disliked in the Ultratron are better in Crimsonland.

  8. I watched the trailer for that but it didn't look like the AI was very good, and it reminded me a lot of a much slower paced version of Zombie/Alien Shooter 2 survivial modes.

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