uhmmm, i just got a refurbished xbox 360.?

uhmmm, i just got a refurbished xbox 360.?


and ive never had an xbox before.

and im sooo confused.

do i like,

need a wireless thing

to go on live?

or does it come like,

inside the xbox.?

im so confused!

help, puhlease!

and does it have just like

memory cards like ps2

and gamecube?

because i don’t have one

and i can’t do anything!



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  1. There is no internal wireless inside the 360 you have to buy seperately

    It has memory card slots or you can have a harddrive

    You can connect ethernet to modem/router for xbox live however u need a account which needs memory such has memory card or harddrive

  2. did you get the free 60 days live thingy. And did it come with a memory card because you could just buy a memory like this one at gamestop you could [url is not allowed] you could save up music and save alot of your games gameplay.

  3. Unless it doesn’t have a hard drive(on the side of the xbox) which is like a memory card. which you can buy if it doesn’t Or a memory card which every you want or which ever has more memory. For xbox live you will need a xbox live member ship that you can buy at a store and enter the numbers in the xbox main screen and you will need a Ethernet cable that goes from the back of your xbox to your internet modem, or you can buy a wireless thing instead of the cable.

  4. Well, it would help to know which configuration of the system you bought. The 360 typically comes with a hard-drive (the part on top that says “HDD”), but the “Arcade” edition only has internal memory for saving game progress, etc.

    The Xbox 360 does not have wireless connectivity out of the box, so you would either need to buy an external USB antenna (not worth the cost) or connect it to Live via an Ethernet cable, like most people. In case you don’t know (you don’t seem to have much info about it), Xbox Live is a subscription service that costs about $50/yr.

    You can buy memory cards, but they are not necessary.

    Hopefully this helps you.

  5. To play online, you need to buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription (ranges from $8 a month). In order to connect, you either need to run a cable from your modem to the Xbox, or connect to your wireless router, either will work just fine.

    And no, it doesn’t use memory cards. You stuff is saved on your hard drive (the thing on the top).

  6. The refur xbox doesn’t come with anything unfortunately, unlike the regs. You shoulda gotten the reg man.

  7. it should come with a hard drive for your storage. And for hooking up to the internet you need an ethernet cable hooked to the internet so that you can go live. You will have to buy that separately unfortunately. Good Luck and have fun!

  8. You need an ethernet cable (it should have been included)

    You can use memory units or an XBOX 360 Hard Drive (included iwth the pro)

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