Top 10 NEW RPGs of 2017

Top 10 NEW RPGs of 2017


Top 10 NEW RPGs of 2017


  1. pffffffff….. MASS EFFFECT ……. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. 2017 june.
    8) Divinity 2 is cool, 8/10.
    6) Nioh is ok, like 8.5/10 dark souls inspired but success.
    4) Horizon is action open world with RPG elements. mine GOTY, 10/10, next step in open world. superior combat. fun to play.
    3) Nier – good but not great IMHO 7/10.
    2) Mass EFFECT _ fail. By far worse than legendary trilogy, stupid cash grab, creepy animations. MEDIOCRE story. 5/10
    1) Persona 5. Very good but too long and sometimes boring, repetitive dialogues but very addicting game. 8.5/10.

    I"M REALLY LOOKIng forward for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Thus far Japanese are rocking in 2017 again like in PS2 times 😀

  3. Most of the games on this list are just actions games with "RPG elements" – that's not the same as RPG…

  4. May lay? What the fuck is that? Its pronounced 'meely'! I bet you say bayter too instead of beta. Great vid though iv subscribed. Please dont say maylay again as it isnt a word.

  5. i really doubt vamypre will have rpg elements. i think it will be very scripted and linear. also kingdom come has drastically changed (to better). it will be one of the best games ever for sure.

  6. "No worries about the story" (in regards to MEA)… Oh, how wrong you were, Falcon. How wrong you were…

  7. I wish they made an rpg that was like squad. no gay story line or bullet magnets laser guns. Just awesome realistic shit lol not like ghost recon either that game is complete arcade shit.. lol I'll never get that game but oh well

  8. Lol love how Horizon was slightly mentioned in this top somewhere and now it's like everyone's all time favorite game with one of the most amazing storylines ever.

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