The Legend of Korra: The Game Review

The Legend of Korra: The Game Review


The Legend of Korra: The Game Review


  1. I like this game!
    Because of combat.(and i'm wondering "Is the combat only thing i like?")
    Graphic is nice, like prince of persia.
    I just like cartoon/anime about Korra.
    It took me about 4h to complete this game.
    I dont feel i have enough fun with bending elemements, after srory mode i havent got them maxed.

  2. IGN this game was awesome for it's price, I don't know what you guys were expecting but I'm unsubbing

  3. Sure, there could have been much more narrative depth, but I don't think Nickelodeon gave much of a budget. It ended up being fun enough for my taste. :)

  4. Dude…did you just say "Annoyingly Short counter timing windows"?

    I've mastered this game, and yes that includes on Extreme difficulty.

    The timing is fine. It's your reaction time and hand/eye coordination that needs practice to be adjusted to the difficulty.

    The game is SHORT, this is true.
    The villain is bland. This is True.

    But the combat is fantastic, especially once you master the elements and go back to earlier levels on other difficulties to see what you missed.

    The Pro Bending needed more features.

    However the game itself is a solid 6.5/10 anyday.

    You just need to train up your mechanical skillset to fully appreciate it.

    This is a Platinum game, but on a low budget.

    For that budget, it is wonderful and challenging.

    Being a hard game is NOT a fault of the game, it's the players skill level.

  5. if anyone has an xbox one and has a gold membership its on sale for $5 this week and if you are an avatar/korra fan like I am you will enjoy this game

  6. re·view
    a formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary.
    "a comprehensive review of defense policy"
    He was giving his opinion, not reviewing.

  7. The game actually looks good from looking at this video. the only turn off is that he said it only last 5 hours of gameplay. If it was longer then i would have bought it.

  8. There should be an Avatar game set like Xenoverse in which you could create a character, personalize your move list and choose your bending etc. It would be amazing

  9. The game is not as bad as IGN is saying, it expands this Universe and lets you play as The Avatar, and a Badass Female Lead at that. how many games can you play as the Avatar, or just a bender in general. only a handful.

  10. I love the Legend of Korra and bought this game as soon as it came out. But I'm sad to say this is probably one of the worse games I've ever played. Don't waist your time with this honestly…

  11. 2:06 You can die instanteous. Kinda reminds me of Turbo Tunnel (the longer you survive, the more faster you go while dodging instant death obstacles and junk like that) and Clinger Winger (due to the 90 degree turns)

  12. 2 things why i didnt like the game so much 1. it kinda ended to quickly, like u started in the middle of the story and thats all… 2nd. the bending is eh… id be cool if u could like pick up the element ur using and throw it around lol

  13. Khm. Avatar games can never be as good as the show, because in the show, the characters used bending in ways that they needed to; ways that were useful. In avatar games there are preset moves that you can use. You can't really be creative.

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