Sound Shapes – PS4 Review

Sound Shapes – PS4 Review


Sound Shapes is a remarkable convergence of platforming and music, as Tom McShea once again becomes enveloped in this extraordinary experience.

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Sound Shapes - PS4 Review

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  1. Glad i watched the video before buying this , ithinkig this was like fruity loops where to make  my own music and beats like in a studio , im so dissapointed now ._ this is for people that got no clue how to create their own beats and produce real music .

  2. Wow awesome, you played my "Melancholia" level !! I can see that you have been touched by this level, and I want to say that it's totally fictive, it's not something that I experienced, I have a wonderful wife and a lovely son !

    Last year I created a sad level called "Without You" and "Melancholia" follows it !
    But I don't create only sad levels, some are very funny in fact !

    Thanks for having featured my level in your video, I'm glad !

  3. i've never had to watch so many indie game reviews in my life. Dang u PS4…(shakes fist)

  4. I really don't know about the part of the creators sons and wifes death in the game.

  5. ☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over Youtube
    / so he can take over and take down Google+

  6. This is one of those games that a year from now, people won't even be calling a "memorable experience". Do you know how many music-based games there are already? Gamestop c'mon.. you know it ain't all that great..

  7. I cringed so hard at the beginning of this video when he was 'poetically' explaining his experience  

  8. Im thinking of getting 1… I know i will regret it cause it prolly sucks. (THE PS4 part atleast)

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