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Something is not right with the PS3 warranty they gave me?


i bought a brand new ps3 was bought on dec 2011, it was sent back for repair on june 2012 and again now i sent it back to the toy store where i bought it, and they told my after their findings that they need to replace the HDD for 150 bucks, my ps3 is still in warranty coz in the warranty card that i have i got 1 year plus 3 month extension, it was with the company for 2 months so its their liablity while its not with me since they consumed 2 month of the warranty, my question is why are they asking me to pay for the replacement part while its still under warranty!! i was really dissapointed coz I bought it and its expensive and i have to pay for the replacement of parts? what shold i do? the toy store where i bought it said they returned it to sony but I don’t think so, should i call sony USA directly and i should be the one to send my ps3 there for proper fixing or replacement coz my ps3 just broke it self i was wondering how did it broke it self while i rarely use it and i was so gentle with it. what should i do?

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  1. you need to call sony for warranty service not the store , and you can replace your own hard drive at home for under $50 anyway ( for a smaller hdd ) so why would anyone pay someone that much? you can replace yours with a 500 gigabyte hdd in 5 minutes for $69

    if you have an extended warranty through the retailer then you will have to take in your original sales receipt and the warranty paperwork they gave you for proof , if you do not have the receipt or the papers then there is no warranty coverage no matter what as it is your responsibility to have that proof of purchase ( it must show the date of purchase and the serial number of the ps3 )

    sony’s warranty is the one for one year and if your past one year then they will not warranty it , but they would still have repaired it for only $100 and not $150

    anyway , if you just need a new hard drive fix that yourself , everyone installs a larger hdd into their ps3 consoles anyway

    the hard drive can be damaged easily if you use the ps3 wrong , hard drives get damaged if you turn the ps3 off while it is saving a game , loading a game , or if you are updating a game or installing a game or demo and shut off the system

    usually you just need to format the ps3 and that fixes it but if the damage is severe then a new hdd is simple to install yourself and cheap too

    by the way , you had the opportunity to buy an extended 2 year warranty from sony themselves but that must be purchase during the 1 year initial warranty period and again you must have your original sales receipt to prove the date of purchase and the has the serial number of your ps3

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