Home Videos SHOWDOWN! : Sony Platinum Headset VS Sony Gold Headset

SHOWDOWN! : Sony Platinum Headset VS Sony Gold Headset


SHOWDOWN! : Sony Platinum Headset VS Sony Gold Headset


  1. I own the playstation Gold, the hinges and head band are very fragile and the plastic has become brittle after a year. first the hinge broke on one side and I glued it together, next the plastic broke on the head band, I glued it together and then it broke again in three different places. It still works but looks like frankenstein with fiberglass glue and tape holding it together. Don't buy the gold get the Plantinum

  2. so I have had my gold wireless for three years. the head band is cracked. they are very loose now and the audio cracks and pops sometimes. they work perfectly fine but there getting old. I have the money to get platinum…. should I upgrade?

  3. I think the thing that disappoints me is the lack of 3d audio support and lack of presets for the platinum. Only one game for 3d audio. That's pretty weak. I know it's a newer tech, but one game?

  4. I have PS3 Sony Pulse Elite old headsets(I modified when I bought it and they still good as new OMG 4-5 years old). I love bass that Pulse gives is it worth it to purchase these new Platinum headsets? I'm basically a basshead after pulse elite.

  5. Question: can I use the platinum headset dongle on my ps4 witha USB 2.0 hub? or is the dongle USB 3.0?

  6. Platinum Connect wirelessly to your PS4™ and personal computer. Connect to a PlayStation®VR headset or mobile device with the included 3.5mm audio cable. Gold no cant used on VR!!

  7. Damn I love the gold headset, and I even tryed the platinums also since my cousin have them. Honestly if you already have the gold there is no use in upgrading they sound exactly the same unless you want it for just uncharted 4 the only game that allows the 3d sound. But if you're looking to buy a new headset and don't have the gold, then I would suggest buying the platinums. I've had my gold headset for a year now and never had a problem but I'm really careful with my stuff I always put it up when I'm not using it.

  8. i have the gold headset and they lasted longer than my mdr-xb950bt headphones. wtf my mdr's hinges broke :

  9. I noticed you have a set of Superlux phones on the back, how do those compare to it insound?

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