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Should I get A PS3 Or a 360?


I was originally gonna get a PS3 This summer but now I’ve been seduced by the awesomeness of gears 2 and halo 3, halo wars, l4d, etc.


And Does Anybody have a flashback map code i could have

please email to [email is not allowed]

I just called gamestop and this chick just said they dont come with the game anymore, Im not 360 informed so dont scream at me for being stupid about that

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  1. If you really like the games for 360, get that, but if you have any interest in getting a Blu-ray player, think about the Ps3. IMO, PS3 will probably be around longer, assuming they can make money off of it because it’s a more powerful system.

  2. 360 and if you read they have found a way to fix rrod red rings of death no mroe xbox breaking

  3. if you want multimedia and entertainment then get the PS3.

    but if playing with friends online, and a more game environment, get the 360.

  4. Well i have both hears the pros and cons



    Great Games Exclusively to 360.

    Nice controller.

    Better Online experience.


    You have to pay to play online (but worth it).

    Not as reliable as the PS3 (breaks allot) but again normaly worth it.



    Has Blu-Ray built in.

    has the potential to run better games but hasn’t yet very little difference between the look of games.

    big hard drive.

    easier to put your pictures videos and music on.

    Free to play online.

    Wireless built in.

    more usb ports and a multi card reader.


    Online isn’t as good as the 360.

    the PS store isn’t as good as the marketplace on 360.

    demos come later to it.

    controller doesn’t come close to beating the the 360s.

    Thats all i can think of at the moment

  5. The thing is that the 360 is centered about ONLINE PLAY. It has the most players online, and it has the most features like cross-game chat, 8-person parties, etc.

    So if you want online play then the 360 is the way to go and the PS3 doesn’t come close.

    But if you’re not much of an online type of person and just want good graphics, games with great campaign, then go with the PS3.

    360- Online

    PS3= Graphics

  6. ps3: better graphics, blue ray player, free online gameplay, better ps3 exclusive games.

    xbox: cheaper, better marketplace,

    if you get an xbox you are doomed to get the red ring of death sooner or later. i had mine for 3 years and it just happend the other week. and its just such a pain to get it fixed. i went right out and got a ps3 and i am sooooo happy. not only am i a huge gamer geek but i love movies and the blue ray is awesome!

    PS3 PS3 PS3 PS3 !!

  7. theeyre both good but i guess.360? imo it has a better live and some games you cant get for ps3 but tbh theyre equally as good gameplay (:

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