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Resident Evil 6 Secrets and Unlocks


This is a quick video on how to get the all the secret extras, and how to unlock infinite ammo weapons in Resident Evil 6 on the PC

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Resident Evil 6 Secrets and Unlocks


  1. How do we unlock agent? I've played all of them, urban chaos, mining the depths and steel beast. Got them all either S or A rank, I've unlocked all the costumes and even Carla Radames but agent doesn't seem to appear at all? I've also completed all the campaigns and collected all the emblems.

  2. Does the Infinite ammo skill work in Extra Content game modes or is it only for story mode?

  3. Just started Res4 and Res6 on PS4, so thanks for showing what the unlocks are 🙂 Is that some Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley I hear in your voice??

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