PS4 Vs. Xbox One’s Resolution & Price Cut – IGN Daily Fix

PS4 Vs. Xbox One’s Resolution & Price Cut – IGN Daily Fix


PS4 Vs. Xbox One's Resolution & Price Cut - IGN Daily Fix


  1. please will people just give xbox a chance OH IT HAZ BETR IXLUSIVES IT HAZ BETR GWAPHICS just stop sony fans just stop

  2. I understand PS4 is way better than the XO, except for fallout 4. And I saw one on sale for $290 with kinect in a nearby Walmart.

  3. Wtf if the game was envisioned with an all male cast why complain? Also we don't need p female characters in the last 3 FF games basically all Playable characters are females.

  4. All this resolution shit is old already!!! Lords of the Fallen have lazy shit devs that dont want to put in the work because its harder to port the game to Xbox One. 
    Forza, Alien Isolation, Wolfenstein, Diablo, Far Cry 4, Halo MCC, DOA, Call of Duty AW, and Destiny all hit 1080p on Xbox one!!! Sunset Overdrive and Ryse hit 900p and STILL LOOK BETTER than ps4 games.. So whats the fucking big deal????
    Xbox one is a great console with WAY BETTER online play and doesnt get hacked!!!!
    Oh and sony is going bankrupt, stupid fucking ponyboys!!!!

  5. Yes it's fine to have an all MALE cast. If that's the game he wants to make. That's the game he should make.

    HONESTLY, feminism is messing up games for me, personally. I'm NOT opposed to playing as women, but it seems like every game that comes out forces females into roles that don't make sense just so these sweet wussy developers won't be called sexist or something. I don't understand why dudes fold under the pressure so readily.

    Ellen Ripley is one of my all-time favorite characters.
    So was Tank Girl when I was a kid.
    I loved playing Tomb Raider.
    The Jedi Sentinel woman in KOTOR was legit.
    Tali in Mass Effect was always in my party, tho Mass effect is the worst about "forcing the females in", in my opinion.

    Today though, it's not like we have extraordinary female characters. It's like every game is bent over to force a feminist perspective on the gamer via some "every other warrior a woman" policy.

    And did you notice the strong girl-power theme in LAST OF US, an excellent game…but still, kiiiinda forced and annoying.

    It's ridiculous. Make a good game with a good story and leave the politics out of it.
    I know feminism can be bullying and intimidating to meek and sensitive guys who
    who are inexperienced with women but….

    Whatever man.

  6. I have both and ps4 can't even go online it's bin saying psn error since I got it a week ago ps4 sucks.

  7. i smell another Xbox One version.. i don't know it's just that windows 10 integration smells like something big..

  8. I prefer the ps4 but the Xbox one is really good now and you can't tell graphical differences it's too small get get the console you want for the games I also find that the ps4 is better as a personal console and the Xbox one for the living room my personal preference

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