“PS4 to have Monthly Subscription Fee for Online?” (Sony, Playstation 4, Orbis,...

“PS4 to have Monthly Subscription Fee for Online?” (Sony, Playstation 4, Orbis, Release Date)



  1. one day i hope someone will sue them because im a big fan of play station but one day i bought a game plants vs zombies garden warfare and it turns out i paid out £35 for the disc format now then when i went to play it it wouldn't let me play because i need to subscribe to plus and i was really mad because basically Sony basically took my £35 i cant play it even with a DISK FORMAT!! ITS like saying they stole your game I fucking paid £35 for fucking nothing, yeah and ik what your going to say get a refund well how im going to explain it to the GAME manager because thats where i bought it from

  2. why do these systems even have subscription fees at all ever for online? i already know a gaming device that has never had, currently does not and never will have an online subscription fee. wanna guess what it is console peasants?… its the Wii U…

  3. I will be so pissed. if I wanted to pay I would have bought an xbox, and the xbox is cheaper at that.


  5. Naw not xbox PS is the best but buying the console isn't bad for me it's that fee that'll kill us in the long run

  6. Hello!
    I've started the petition "Shawn Layden President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America: Allow those of us who buy games such as GTA 5 to play online with out having to pay a fee to sony" and need your help to get it off the ground.
    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

  7. I think it so wrong not only these times your paying for expensive console and your paying for expensive games that if these both are not enough to empty gamers wallets to purchase one these generation consoles and games they also made it mandatory to pay fees to play online so if ask me you are simply paying to own it and paying to rent it and if thought xbox couldn't get worse in there ways well they sure did.I think there should be no subscription fees ever since we buying the console and games at painful prices at it is but apparently that is not enough for them really ruins it for gamers and they keep doing this as long as people fall for it.

  8. Yes this changed me from buying it ps3,ps2,psp are all free online then now we have to pay that's some BS

  9. I'm just gonna stick with ps3 and play cod ghosts fuck paying online I would rather play pc if I have to

  10. I'm just gonna stick with ps3 and play cod ghosts fuck paying online I would rather play pc if I have to

  11. i almost bought a ps4 without knowing they are charging for online, like wtf , fuckin retards, whatever i will just build a good pc

  12. Pay for online means free or discaunts stuff fuk that I'm simple guy I like to buy a game and play online for free I don't need nothing also no free games that they giving to people that no one even playing any more

  13. What the fucking shit is the point in paying monthly for a game on playstation?! I can use Steam on PC for free.
    Still, PC gaming is cheaper. When a console gets that either yellow light or red ring of death, it means the whole damn thing is broken, and you need to spend 400-500 bucks getting a new one.
    But when a PC breaks down, usually (if not all the time, unless you spilled water on it like a dumbass) just one part breaks and you just need to go onto Newegg and buy a new part. Plain and simple, and it costs at least 2-3 times less. Not to mention PC parts get 3 year warranty when consoles get a lowly bullshit 1 year.
    God alive, stop with the fucking "ooo, I'm broke and I can't afford this shit". Get the fuck out of where you live, get a real job, stop complaining, grow a dick or whatever it is you fancy and live a little.
    I can build a 500 dollar PC that would easily outrank a PS4.

  14. so you tell us not to get mad yet you say we get shit on for getting a DLC a month later?? and you post this video and expect NOT to get a console war in the comments???

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