PS4: Sony PlayStation 4 Unboxing

PS4: Sony PlayStation 4 Unboxing


Well I did my first midnight console launch. Here’s my unboxing of the PS4!

PS4: Sony PlayStation 4 Unboxing

PlayStation 4 Pro - Everything You Need To Know


  1. About 90% of this comment is about TechHarvest's cat savage-ness and about 10% is about something else….


  2. dont get it why people like console u pay 400$ for new console u dont get to play online unless u pay to play online weird

  3. As of January 13, 2017, Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is still out-of-stock here in the Philippines (Sony, DataBlitz, all legit sellers). Do you guys have any update? Your response will be very much helpful.

  4. I might get a ps4 for christmas (original ps4)….. so do u guys have any tips for "ps4 gadgets" i should buy? (random question I know XD)

  5. So it's better graphics with 4K but the games work on both stations. How come the didn't do this with the other ps4 instead of having to pay for it again and have two

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