PS4 Price Increases In Canada!?

PS4 Price Increases In Canada!?


The PS4’s price increases in Canada….wtf!?

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PS4 Price Increases In Canada!?


  1. I have both consoles and i think this is bs and I might move to steam where the games 60$ in stead of 70$

  2. I am getting xbox one. Microsoft talked trash intruducing the xbox one but in action they change strategy. However sony talked so nice and in action they suck ass in canada right now. Its not just connect, the games are going to be cheaper ofcourse I will buy xbox one.

  3. Ps4 with camera will cost more than the xbox one lol. People give ms shit over that and now it's less than the ps 4. Not good. I'm glad I already have the console camera and 2 controllers

  4. I have an xbox one and happy with it. Sucks though that people looking to buy a ps4 has to pay more money now for games and the consoles which is bs

  5. I'm gonna wait until Sony realizes the mistake they're making and drops the price back down to $400.

  6. With the titanfall bundle at $499 the Xbox One is actually less money now (if you assume you buy a newly priced 69.99 game with it).

    Honestly I was waiting for PS4's to come back in stock to pick one up… now it's going to be a long while. 

  7. load of bull. This has reaally damaged my consumer relationship with sony as they seem to be picking on Canadians for no apparent reason this is completely unfair I think they are just using the Canadian market as a test to decide whether or not increasing the price will damage sales and then they will apply it to the rest of north america but regardless a major turnoff for sony

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