PS4 – Playing DVDs from other regions

PS4 – Playing DVDs from other regions


PS4 - Playing DVDs from other regions

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  1. I noticed this when I put in a region 2 DVD in that I bought on Amazon. Do you have to change it back when you play a game?

  2. why my ps4 doesn't play dvds is shows region restriction but i cant change the settings

  3. i have region 3 ps4 can i play region.2 games on it
    and what ps plus membership should i buy

  4. when I want to play a DVD from another region on my PS4 and this error message pops up there's no 'options' option, just enter and back

  5. So if i live in argentina… i'm cool with bluray movie?
    my ps4 is from here, if i buy a bluray from the U.S i can play it?

  6. They also have region free dvds /blurays at stores. But now it's basically everything online.

  7. I bought a DVD that was from the UK and I kept changing the regions because my movies were region 1, so kept changing them back and forth until I used all the 4 chances. I returned the DVD UK movie back and bought the blu ray from here in the US. The ps4 is now not letting me watch the blu ray because I think it sees it as the DVD one still. After using the 4 chances and now it's locked, how do I change the region back???

  8. I bought a DVD boxset from UK and it won't play on my US PS4. Which sucks. And now I know PS4 has limits on changing regions, I will have to buy a brand new region free bluray player that plays both DVD and Bluray.

  9. Does the PS4 remember the region code change? If I change from 1 to 2, will I always be able to play both regions?

  10. hi i have a question i live in malaysia and the region cod is 3 and i have a ps4 slim region 3 can i change it when i wanto move in australia ?

  11. They must have changed it cause I get Invalid Region and can't change any options there not given. disconnected Internet didn't work eaither.

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