PS3 wont turn on!! Help!!?

PS3 wont turn on!! Help!!?


I moved to South Korea with my 80GB that i bought in USA. i plugged in the cable to a power converter and when i plugged the HDMI cable into the PS3, all the lights in my house went out. after i turned them back on, i tried again with an A/V cable and lights went out again. after that, when i tried to turn on PS3, the red light wouldnt turn on. Can someone please help me with this?

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  1. Just go to a South Korean game shop down there and say i bought this from here yesterday and they said u was at a lunch break it was another man and he will say oh ye n giv u a new 1 lol!

    Or just say anyohasanyo n bow down! Ma neighbour tought me that!

  2. I lived in korea for a few years and know what that feels like. No your PS3 is not broken its the problem with the voltage just get an adapter.

  3. Dude.

    Try Using an AC Adaptor next time.

    The PS3 will totally break because it reached its limit of voltage

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