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ps3 resolution changing?


when i start my ps3 the screen resolution of tv is 1920×1080 but when is start any game it changes to 1040×720 whats the problem

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  1. some games have high resolution and some low resolution

    the game were of low res whle some game you try will be high res

    like nfs most wanted (2012)

  2. Yamin’s right – while your PS3 is capable of full 1080p, games are typically only presented in 720p (1080i). Some games will present cutscenes and SP gaming in 1080p, then switch to 720p for online play. It’s all dependent on the game itself.

    Most BD and DVD movies will play at 1080p though, unless your display settings aren’t set for it.

    It’s also dependent on your cable; if you’re using a Component cable and not HDMI, you’ll only get 720p regardless what you’re playing.

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