PS3 Download.?

PS3 Download.?


I went to download a ps1 game on the Ps3, and it said it would take about 6 hours to download.

Is it supposed to take that long?

Also, if I leave my ps3 on over night to download will it do anything to damage it?


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  1. It should be fine, and i don’t know if it should take that long, it depends on what kind of internet you have, If you have a Hi-Speed internet it should’t take that long, if you have Dial-Up or something slow like that it might, I have Verizon Hi-Speed so it usually takes me 40 minutes to an hour

  2. depends on connection speed. could take an average (300-500 MB) psone game anywhere from 20 minutes to 6 hours. if ur on cable or DSL high speed internet then i would call you ISP for troubleshooting those slow speeds. if ur on Dial-Up then thats a good estimate. Also, what i do before i go to bed every 3-5 nights, i go on ps store, download a boatload of demos. most updated ps3’s like mine have an option to “automatically shut down after background downloads.” if you select this it will turn off after the DL so no, there’s no harm done

  3. It depends on the game you downloaded and how much space it takes up like megabytes wise, but leaving your playstation on all night isnt bad but I wouldn’t do it again, i have done it a couple times and mine is fine but Im not going to do it again.

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