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Please answer my Questions about the PS3! I guarntee to person with correct answers!?


1. What is the lowest speed your internet can be at to go online?

2. What is the best speed to go online with?

3. What all will the 80gb Bundle coming out on June 12 contain?

4. Should I get a 40gb or just wait for the 80gb?

5. Is it true that PSN will soon have cards like Itunes so you don’t have to use your credit card?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Any speed will do.

    The higher the better but it works well at 125mps.

    The 80GB bundle will only contain the console and equipment for the console if you live in Europe if not then the game motorstorm.

    40GB is great if you have a PS2 (40GB can’t play PS2 games).

    Yes it is true.

  2. 1. as long as you have an internet connection you’ll be able to connect but you’ll probably get disconnected a lot.

    2. well i have a wi-fi speed of 54Mbps and mine is pretty damn fast. ive never been disconnected and ive never experienced lag unless the guy im playing against has a really low speed.

    3. the 80gb bundle coming out in june will include.

    1 dualshock 3 controller. metal gear solid 4 game. the unit and everything else that come w/ it like power cable AV cable ethernet cable instruction manual.

    4. well. if you can’t bare the wait and if you dont care about not having extra USB slots not being able to play ps2 games not being able to put SD cards and what not. and care about the upcoming release of GTA 4 in april then get a 40gb. but i personally prefer the 80gb.

    5. they already do have cards like those out right now i think. but i have a credit so im not sure i wouldn’t have to use those anyway.

    hope this helped you out!:D

    don’t forget to pick a best answer!

  3. 1.as long as it’s broadband you should be ok.

    2.as fast as you can, although above a certain point it wont make much difference when playing games (but obviously would help with downloading)

    It also depends on your ISP (any restrictions they may have, and how much advertised d/l speed compares to the actual speed you get), and upload speed (i.e. how quickly you can send data the other way)

    3.MGS4 and a Dualshock, i think.

    4.Depends how much you want to play PS2 games on it.

    5.They already do in Japan. i do believe.

  4. 1. 512 kbps to play.256 to go.

    2. higer than 512 is very good ^^

    3. is already out dude.the same thing but might come with different bundles.games and yeah a dual shock 3 controller.

    4. the 40Gb is OK. i have it.i dontlike to play ps2 games anyway since i saw restance and mgs4 trailers. anyway mys ps2 is still workin.

    5. i think they will but first of all theyll make an in game XMB ^^

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