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Playstation 2 Format Disk. No resolution from answers previously.?


So, I have a new PS2, and (maybe serves me right!), I bought 3 copied games. When I put them in and turn the PS2 on, it says ‘enter format disk’. I take it there is not such a thing?

Previous answers to this have been that the disk was dirty – But my PS2 is new and the other games work on it.

Also that maybe the games are not compatible with the PS2 (US vs European) – But they are European and my PS2 is also.

The disks, I have been told, do work! No refunds allowed! Grr.

So my PS2 knows that they are copies and therefore they won’t work?

I am guessing that I should have spent 12 times the amount (that is the literal price difference!) on original games?!?!?!



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  1. The problem is you are using copied disks. It is asking for a PS2 formated disk, the copied disks you are using are probably missing some security code that identify them as PS2 games, therefore you are getting the same message as if you were trying to play a Sega CD or PC video game disk. They won’t work in the PS2.

    Please go out and buy a legitimate copy of the game, not a copied one. What you are doing is illegal and takes money away from game developers.

  2. As with all copied games, it was not properly done, and the quality of the used disc can also be questioned. Go back to the seller not for a refund, but to get playable discs. Look out for the cops.

  3. Not all PS2 ‘s are alike

    some will read Blue disks some wont

    I would go to back to whom ever you got these from

    and have them show you the disc’s loading

    What you are doing is supporting THEFT

    as a buyer of known illegal software you can be fined

    However the person who made the discs

    and sold them can go to jail

    I am certain if you push the issue

    a refund will be made

  4. A new PS2 will not play copied games, unless you have had it chipped (which I would not advise).

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