Paying Burned CD’s on My Xbox 360?

Paying Burned CD’s on My Xbox 360?


I would like to burn some songs onto a CD so that i can rip them onto my xbox 360 hardrive , I’m planning on using itunes to burn the songs here are my questions.When I’m about to burn the CD the following options appear. I can burn the CD as an Audio CD, MP3 CD and Data CD or DVD. I don’t know which option i should choose that is compatible/can read by the xbox 360, So which option should i choose.

Should the songs on the CD be in an MP3 format or another, if so which format?

I have burned music onto a disc before and put the burned disc on my 360 only to have it read as a ”Mixed Media Disc” in which case i can’t rip any of the songs onto my hardrive How do I avoid this?

Or Should i burn the disc using a different program, a program that will burn the songs in a format that the 360 will read if so, which program?

I’m sorry i have been dragging this along but i would really like an end to this problem any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance guys :) best answer to anyone that can help me out the best

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  1. If you want to rip the songs onto the 360’s hard drive, your only choice is to burn it as an Audio CD. For any other format, the 360 will play from it, but not rip or copy from it.

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