One Tamriel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About the Elder Scrolls...

One Tamriel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About the Elder Scrolls Online’s New Update


One Tamriel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About the Elder Scrolls Online's New Update

Alright, I got TWO questions to ask, TWO questions people:
– Are YOU ready to learn how to hit level 50 in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) as a total and utter low level nerd beginner? (Answer: Yes)
– Coffee is good

This video is meant to teach those that may not understand there are ways to help you go through that intense grind of Level 1-50 in Elder Scrolls Online. Yes, this IS meant to teach everyone on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you’ve got ANY comments or ways YOU like to level, go ahead and comment down below!

SUPER cheap ESO:

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My Gaming Setup:
-Asus ROG New Laptop Thingy that plays ESO like a dream
-22” Samsung Sync Master T220 Monitor
-Playstation Display 24” Gaming Screen
-2X BenQ RL2455HM 24-inch LED 1ms Gaming Console Monitor
-Razer Death Stalker Keyboard (With BEAUTIFUL Green buttons!)
-Razer DeathAdder Mouse
-Razer Naga Chroma Mouse
-Razer Kraken Pro Headset
-Razer Overwatch Man o War Headset
Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard
-Asus Strix Nvidia GTX 1080
-3TB Barracuda HHD
-2TB Firecuda SSD
-TR2 700 WATT Gaming Power Supply
-A Cool light up power button on my computer that shines
-A REALLY cruddy pair of speakers that I NEVER use
-I7 – 4770k Processor – 12 cores
-4.0 Ghz – 4.3 Ghz overclocked
-32 GB Ram
-Blue Yeti Microphone w/ Pop Filter
-Wacom Cintiq 13HD Drawing Graphics Tablet
-Green Razer Kraken Pro Headset
-A Fancy Coffee maker I got at a thrift store!
-Roxio Game Capture Pro HD
-Elgato HD60 Capture Card
-Lots of cords that I never use, but you know, they might come in handy ONE day

Beginner's Guide to Leveling 1-50 in ESO (Elder Scrolls Online Tips for PC, Xbox One, and PS4)


  1. What's cool about this update is that high level and low level players can now mingle: do Dolmens together, dungeons, quests, etc. I remember playing higher lvl zones with my first char and it is sparsely populated and lonely.

  2. they need to bring back level restrictions like theres no challenge anymore no thrive to get stronger like i saw a level 25 in coldharbor when i was there you had to be at least twice that like this new update is stupid

  3. I was hoping to see a video on Tamriel One's update with regards solo playing on You Tube. By pointing out how solo play is easier than ever will add many non MMO players and keep the MMO alive.

  4. You mention that only Templars have had a healing ult. I know I'm late to this video, but Nightblades have had the best burst healing ulti in the game since launch in the Siphoning trees ultimate when morphed into Soul Siphon. For a long time it didn't heal the caster, but that's been fixed/changed since then. Try it out, it's amazing.

  5. This might actually get me back into TESO! Give me that classic TES feel of exploring!

  6. Wtf I just bought the game and I have no idea what you are saying ( no offense ) please help

  7. For new players,

    There's a lot of end game YouTubers out there with intimidating end game videos, and to say the leader it's frustrating. Know that it takes time, if your new and you have questions politely ask in zone chat and I promise someone will help you, you don't always need to use a mic in a group but you should and you should always be willing to, know that gold(the most rare) is barely better than purple it just cost a lot more to craft/buy, save your gold, loot everything while leveling and either sell it to make gold or dischant it to level up your crafting, crafting is a whole other thing in this game, best thing to do join a guild even a shity one that why you'll have loads of people willing to help you for free, they'll also be happy to answer any question about the game you have, again be polite take criticism and turn it into something better, give this game a chance it's a total blast to play, and I've made countless friends from it.

    3 things you need to know

    1. As far as leveling goes. There's a couple routes to go, if it's truly your first time play the the quests! If you do all the quests in each zone for your faction as well as get all the Skyshards, skill points, dungeons & lorebooks you'll be on an AMAZING PATH FOR END GAME! Plus After you finish your factions quest line you can do the other two factions! This is a LOT of work but it's worth it, I promise! It's so much more satisfying then grinding!

    1.2 If you are going to level Deltia is the best guy to follow in the business hands down! Make sure you spend your time right! I can't stress that enough! You'll only get regular ex depending on the mobs you kill, I can't remember specifics sorry. Just go through this YouTube Channel and watch his videos, they still work for the most part and he explains everything! Also while grinding get skyshards, lorebooks and skill points!

    1.3 My story first character maxed out his level by questing had a ball! I didn't follow any videos my end game was depressing. Wanting to be as powerful as others I grinded a character and was set for end game, NOT BECAUSE I GRINDED! But because I followed what Deltia did. I leveled up all skill, armor, weapon and guild skills! So at end game everything g was a clean slate ready to go :) although I play him a lot I can't help but hate him. Seeing all the hallow downward arrows on npcs and lack of in game achievements has made me hate that character. So my third and last character I decided to go all in, take my time do EVERY quest in EVERY faction collect ALL skyshards ALL lore books get ALL skill points. This took time a good amount of it but I did it and once I got to the end it was so rewarding! I love the guy, and being able to say I've done it all says a lot compared to "yeah I grinded him for 13hours straight last night, just like my 7 other characters."

    2.Crafting takes a long time to learn all the traits, now while it's good to do for your character you won't really reap a lot of benefits until your a master crafter which takes months, you have to learn every trait in real time. So the best thing to do like I said before use a mic make friends be polite ask people in zone join a guild tell them your new. Again remember yellow is barley better than purple! It honesty is.

    2.2 know that there's kinda 2 max levels in this game. The player level which is 50 this unlock the ability to do pretty much everything the game has to offer. Then there's "CP"(Champion points) the current cap is 600. You will learn to HATE THESE! Because try to reach that number is SO difficult focus on getting to 160-400 area first. At cp 160 you'll be able to wear, earn and find the best gear and weapons in the game. But you'll need a lot more cp to do more end game.

    3. P.V.P…
    Huhhhhh, where to start? Ok pvp can be fun. A lot of people only play this game for it. If your interested I'd say do a no cp campaign and always group. Because there are skyshards skill points and lore books there. Know this you will die there prob. really easy. You prob. won't stand a chance solo. It's going to be frustrating.

    I'm closing this is a short version of something to read for beginners, I play Ebonheart Pack on PS4 my user name is "RSTAR7824" ask me anything I'll help you, if I can't I have friends who will. I can answer questions, or just be a friend.

    WATCH DELTIAS VIDEOS FOR STARTING A NEW CHARACTER!!!!!! Put 1 skill point in your 3 class skill lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try to always wear 1 light 1 heavy 1 medium until you level all 3!!!!!!!!!! Level all weapons to max while leveling!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you do almost anything adjust your settings like don't attack innocent and loot all!!!!!!!!!! Don't play in first person yes it's cool at times but no!!!!!!! Before you do a single quest accept the undaunted quest line, the mages quest line and the fighters guild!!!!!!!!!!! You don't here to do them right away but you'll get the ex while leveling!!!!!!!!!! When your the right level I wanna say 20? Start the undaunted quest line, and do those daily after that in your factions capital!!!!!!!!!!!! There are step by step guides for finding all books and skyshards, skill points and more online for free use them!!!!!!!!!!!! Even apps, if you want to know the best one on iOS iPhone iPad msg me for the name it's 1$ but it's so handy!!!!!!!!!!! Buy and train your mounts daily on all characters ever if it's on a dummy character your not going to play for awhile you can only do it one every 20 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember this game is fun! But it is an mmorpg expect work and time. ESO plus(the monthly membership) is the best way to go unfortunately.

    Msg me for questions

  8. The edition on those videos are so amazing and so funy , I want to congratulate for your work !

  9. I felt like I just trolled at the end and I think I did. At least I wasn't Rick Rolled or Cena trolled XD

  10. i know im late for this video but i love the part whend he says Exploring is fun you can go and say
    hi mister jhonson
    jhonson:get off my lawnd you stupid tresspaser
    (im sorry if my english is bad my regular language is spanish puerto rico)

  11. Just redownloaded the game this weekend. Logged on a lvl 29 toon, and was completely lost lol. I'm in the process of lvling to regain my memory(combat,farming,etc) and this video helps a lot. Thanks for posting it.

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