Home Xbox Forum my xbox disc tray wont open/close?

my xbox disc tray wont open/close?


when i turn on my xbox the light just keeps flashing like its trying to open the disc tray, yet when i press the button it dosent open. and i tried the manual open, and when i pressed the button it didnt close, and the green light just keeps flashing non-stop, any advice?

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  1. Mine did this the other day. Turn it on hit the open button and hit the top of the xbox really hard. I know it sounds stupid. But try it and see if it doesn’t work.

  2. this is funny, mine just did this about 2 hours ago. take the front cover off it just snaps off and on and then try it, you might have to jiggle the tray a little or even hit it lightly. DO NOT HIT OR MOVE UP OR DOWN WHILE RUNNING IF THERE IS A DISC IN IT. if there is a disc in it just dont hit it hard at all.

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