My playstation isnt working:( help please!?

My playstation isnt working:( help please!?


Ive been playing cod a lot today cause ive been so bored and lazy lol, but anyways, when i was loading to a lobby it went to a black screen with the call of duty loading sign in the corner. I tried pressing buttons, and even turning the machine off. Then i tried taking the disk out, then putting it back in which was fine, then it just shut off. I restarted it and kept playing fine.

I turned it off again a bit later and went for supper, when i came back it wasnt working. It turned on and signed into the network but the black ops disk didnt appear, so i just taking it out, restarting it etc. and it didnt show up:( Also when i put it in, about 1 minute after it would make this sound like it was changing or skipping? but only one short sound.

I shut it off and completly unplugged it, and im letting it cool down.

how do i fix it?! Its my brothers playstation:S


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  1. If the disc isn’t showing up from time to time then the lens is dirty. You can go to Walmart, Best Buy, or any other electronics store to buy a blu ray lens cleaner.

    This is an example on what they look like.

    [url is not allowed].

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