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My New Original PS2 can’t play copy CD & non original CD of PS & PS2?


It is true that local CD of ps1 & ps2 can’t play in original brand new playstation 2 slim model, if it is true tell me & please tell me why.

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  1. Well, I believe people usually have it modified. After all, a pirated is a pirated which is illegal. Also, lenses are much more sensitive today than 5 years before. Pirated DVD’s usually don’t work on genuine, high quality, expensive DVD players.

  2. Do you mean burned discs? Like, ones you burned yourself? Because if so, then no, a standard PS2 can’t play them. What happens is on a PS2 disc, not only is there the game, but there is a part of the disc that basically tells the PS2 that it’s ok to play the game. When you burn discs yourself, this part isn’t there, so the PS2 won’t play the game. You need to mod your PS2 in order to get it to play burned discs.

  3. All original PS and PS2 discs have a special area, that cannot be read by normal PC drives (or written to in case of CD and DVD burners).

    This area contains copy protection information, that only the Playstation can read.

    If this information is missing (and it can’t be written on copied discs), the Playstation will not play the game.

    In order to fool the PS2 in reading these discs, you need to modify the PS2 with a mod chip or other things.

    However, explaining how to modify the PS2 or where to get these chips is not allowed here on Yahoo Answers.

    Please see the community guidelines points 8 and 14.

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