Ms. Pac-Man (PS4) – Arcade Game Series – Zonic Plays

Ms. Pac-Man (PS4) – Arcade Game Series – Zonic Plays


Ms. Pac-Man (PS4) - Arcade Game Series - Zonic Plays


  1. This version of the game sounds pretty good! The Ms. Pac-Man in Pac-Man Museum sounds… pretty bad. What the hell happened there?! So now I gotta go and buy ANOTHER version of Ms. Pac-Man because Namco screwed up the one I already bought. Thanks, guys. REALLY.

  2. Used to be fantastic at this game, could get 10,000 points and 1-up on the first board alone. Sometimes 60,000 per session, I'd always die around stage 9 or 10 xD

  3. Def my favorite arcade game ever! Not too simplistic like Pac-Man and it's one board but not too complicated, huge & slow paced like Jr. Pacman, perfect to me.

  4. My dad and I always used to play this game <3 it's the only thing I remember him by. plus it was a classic

  5. My favorite classic pacman game is the original pacman,pacman championship and the 3D style game pacman world 1 that has the mazes.

  6. Hmm Agreed, with Ms. Pac-man being one of my faves I only made to the light blue levels when I got enough time to play before a movie! Also, for Pac-mans custom moves for being different fruit/snacks from this game for his neutral B Pretzels make you confused for the twisty shape. And Bananas make you slip those are from the top of my head. And my, Ms. Pac-man you look quite lovely today from the thumbnail 😉 For fricks and giggles: BANANA POWER!! XD

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