Minecraft Xbox 360 help?

Minecraft Xbox 360 help?


So I don’t have it yet, but hopefully by the end of the month I will. My situation is this. I don’t have Xbox Live so I can’t just go to the arcade on the 360 and buy the game. I have to go to my friends house, replace my 360 with his, and go online that way. Then buy the visa gift card or whatever its called, and buy it then.

What I want to know is that when I download the game, would I still have it on my Xbox when I bring it back to my house. Remember I don’t have xbox live or anything to connect to the internet, so I would only be able to play “offline”. Now what is the difference between the “offline” option and the “xbox live member” option. Apparently some features aren’t available to offline players, so what would they be? Do they effect my game whatsoever? Any extra info would be appreciated :)

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  1. You could play the single player and split screen co-op offline as long as you buy the game on your own 360. Take the whole console over not just the hard drive or your profile or you’ll run into issues with licenses.

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