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if my friend has a credit card on his account and he buys mico soft points then how does he send them to me

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  1. I could be wrong, but last time I took the effort to look, you couldn’t do any “Gift Pointing”. I think you’re stuck going to the store and picking up a pre-loaded Microsoft Points card.

    edit: From xbox.com

    How Do I Get Points?

    Microsoft Points let everyone in on the Xbox Live Marketplace action. First, though, you need to get some. Purchasing Points is like putting money into a special account that you can use on Xbox Live Marketplace. You can buy them online from the Marketplace itself by using your credit card, but if you don’t have a credit card, no worries. You can also pick up gift cards at hundreds of participating retail locations and use the number on that card to buy your Points.

    You can also get Points as part of the Xbox Live Gold Pack, available at participating retailers. Points will also be awarded to users for various promotions in the future. It’s a simple thing, but it opens up all of the amazing premium content on Xbox Live to a whole new community of gamers.
    No mention of being able to send points, so I’m sticking with the “no” answer.

  2. You can’t do that. I work for MS on the 360 division. The only way to get the points is to buy them at a store or to buy them on your credit card.

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