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Madden 15 (Xbox 360 Gameplay)


Madden 15 (Xbox 360 Gameplay)

Madden NFL 15 - Xbox One vs.  Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

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  1. Xbox 360 can't be no better than it cause shit whenever your playing it them fucking controllers are hard to damn use

  2. the least they could have did was change the scoreboard and make it look similar to madden 15 on ps4 or something. and maybe a fun mode. it would be more worth it to buy

  3. Alguien que hable español y me diga como puedo hacer que la linea defensiva no ataque al QB y defienda tambien el pase?

  4. Madden 15 graphics are better than Madden 16 and 17 I don't know what's wrong with EA like if you can't upgrade it leave it alone. Madden 15 graphics was pretty good

  5. 360 is better and plus 360 has better games and did I mention way more games that the 1 does???

  6. On xbox 1 they tried to hard to make it realistic which is why it isn't. I like xbox 360 because I had it for a couple years but I would like to upgrade

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