LocoCycle Review

LocoCycle Review


LocoCycle Review


  1. When I originally saw the first trailer for this game, I thought it sounded like a ton of fun.  Twisted Pixel does make some really good games like 'Splosion Man, but this one felt rushed, i dunno it might have something to do with Microsoft owning them and forcing them to finish the game for the Xbox One's launch.  Oh well, I still like Twisted Pixel, but this is one of their worst games.

  2. looks like it could be one of those on rails iPad games lol did this game really benefit on being on the xbox one?

  3. Game looks good to me. I don't know about you guys but graphics don't fade me, can care less about them. LocoCycle looks like State of Emergency. The game looks hella fun.

  4. hahahahahhahaha thanks for the laugh GT lmfao though after all that u still gave it a 4.5 im wait for the day u give something a 1 or a .5

  5. The one thing that gets me is the fact the guy is being dragged along side the motorcycle. I expect a few minutes or a cutscene later for him to get up on the bike. You mean throughout the entire game the guy dosnt get the idea to climb on? His pants, and butt, must be gone in a few minutes!

  6. Parents go in a shop and say: my son is 7 and he have a xbox one. What game I should buy for him. And the guy in the shop say: take this one (in his mind: no other buy it. Now or never).

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