Little Devil Inside | Trailer And some Gameplay Previews

Little Devil Inside | Trailer And some Gameplay Previews


Little Devil Inside:
Kickstarter Page: (funded)

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Little Devil Inside | Trailer And some Gameplay Previews

Little Devil Inside Gameplay Trailer - This Game Looks Awesome!


  1. I think it looks good, but the combat really turned me off, its just basic slice and dice, it doesnt even look that in depth or physics-y. Disappointing

  2. Please oh please be a good video game I don't think this generation can take any more disappointments

  3. looks so awesome I wish I had a ps4, xbox 1, and a wii u, thanks for showing us Mungry your the best

  4. Tha amazing game got a last minute WiiU Stretch Goal and got it funded, that's my console of choice to play it.

  5. This looks so awesome. It's like a mini version of Witcher 3 but with extra stuff and still maintains that grandness

  6. You can attach a Gatling gun on your boat against a Kraken? Well, this is a game I look forward to.

  7. 2nd Comment Yeaaaah.OMG OMG OMGOMGOGMGM i wanna pplay it sooo bad.iv'e been waiting for a game like this my whole life.My only regret is that i wish i could import my custom charecters in the game too.

    You know what would be even better…there would be another bonus mode,like how black ops has zombies,this game would have its own equivalent.Welp…i don't know what extra content he could be think of,but the thing that pulled me in was how they were hiding in the forest ,so the dragon wouldn't eat them.when i was a child,i used to play monster hunts with my cusins alot.and when we used to do it,we like the feeling of being extra weak and having to use skill to actually earn our kill.

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