Instant level 72 glitch Borderlands 2 Xbox one/360

Instant level 72 glitch Borderlands 2 Xbox one/360


In this video I will be showing how to instantly level up to 72 in Borderlands 2
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Instant level 72 glitch Borderlands 2 Xbox one/360


  1. what's your xbox one name I'll ad you and im 11 help me lv up plz just tell me you xbox name plz

  2. I'd love some help lvling up some characters of mine, I have an op 8 character but I'd like one of each if you could help me please gamertag is ScionScorpio00 I have a mic it's Xbox 360

  3. So when uploading on 360 to do the cloud save can I do it with the 360 version of the game while on my Xbox one and then download on the XB1 version or do I have to go pull my 360 console out of storage and use it?

  4. I would also really appreciate help leveling up. I'm in xbox one. Gamer tag BroadFoal296093

  5. hey i was wondering if you could help me level up one of my characters! my gamer take is xl karezza lx

  6. when i try and download it its asking me where i want to open it up at. not sure what to do

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