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IGN Reviews – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Review


IGN reviews the hotly anticipated RPG epic, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But does the latest installment in Bethesda’s RPG series live up to the legacy of its ancestors? Watch the review and find out!
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IGN Reviews - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Review


  1. downloading it right now. about to playing skyrim or elder scroll series for the first time. not a really hardcore gamer tho but i'm a gamer, i do enjoy game. cant wait 😀

  2. Seriously IGN…..both Portal 2 and TES 5: Skyrim rated 9.5?! That's soo bad that it should be considered a crime of TREASON!!!!!

  3. 100/10. Game of the century. This game is the most immersive and deep game you'll ever play, With such a diverse range of class's. I remember playing skyrim for months and still probably just half way through the game. Never once got bored of playing it as there's just so much going on, new story lines to pick up all over the place, Can get a bit overwhelming if your exploring picking up every quest, Best to just stick to one area at a time;) Compared to other games where questing is a chore just to grind out max level, Skyrim questing is really enjoyable. Hopefully I'll find the time to complete it some day 😛

    I hope they will bring out a skyrim 2 of some sort because I was very disappointed with Elder Scrolls Online. It says Bethesda, but the game was made by Zenimax and this for me is what went wrong. And I understand that you can't put the same engine into an MMO with thousands of players as they need to keep the server load light. But I expected it to feel a lot more like skyrim. Also I've noticed how a lot of the new PC games had been designed to work on Xbox one ect, Sure they earn more money. But they "Dumb down" the game for PC. Only being able to use around 4-5 spells at once. While other MMO's like WoW let you use 20-30+ Enabling it to function for console has killed it for PC. It's ridiculous to have access to so many spells yet you can only have a few active at once. Really bad move is all I can say.

  4. This along with witcher 3 is the reason gaming wont collapse again.These two are the biggest value packages that should essential for everyone to have cause they are worth the price of admission.Both of these games got GOTY and they WHOLE HEARTEDLY deserved it.Its good that there are devs like bethesda and cd projekt red in the industry

  5. I purchased this game a couple days ago.. I'm so lost.. I've never played an elder scrolls game. I guess it's the dialect and weird names and etc that confuses me. I need more research before actually playing this because I'm SUPER CONFUSED AND LOST. These are not my style of games I usually play.

  6. 7:02 How in the world did this guy survive? the dragon literally killed him didn't it? please say I'm not the only one who saw this

  7. Is skyrim an only online game like elder scrolls online because I am thinking of playing elder scrolls

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