If i buy a brand new ps3 and dont update the firmware...

If i buy a brand new ps3 and dont update the firmware when i first get it can i jailbreak it?



  1. no but if you take the hard drive out while its powered on it will corrupt the data. That way when you put it back in it will ask you to install firmware from a usb drive.

  2. Don’t jailbreak. It’s illegal. Sony will ban you for life, if you jail break. You wont be able to go online on the PlayStation Network after jail breaking.

    Jail breaking pretty much means you cant do anything with your ps3 after you jailbreak it.

  3. maybe , if you find an older fat ps3 like an ole 40 gig or 80 gig it will still have earlier fw but any slim will have 4’0 on it when it’s made

    don’t do it , you void your warranty , open up yourself to a lawsuit from sony or game developers for theft of software and software piracy and lose all the feature the ps3 has that the psw3 doesn’t

    you basically get an hd ps2 , you can’t use any dlc , can’t update games to fix bugs they all have , can’t use psn or home , no netflix on your ps3 , no new games ever because they all need the last fw version when the game was released so you can’t play mw3 , bf3, skyrim , arkham city , madden 12 , basically anything released in the last year and a half

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