I think my xbox is broken, help!?

I think my xbox is broken, help!?


Ok so I had the xbox (360) on and it was standing vertically up and me not being smart opened the disc placer thing and I didn’t know the xbox was supposed to be horizontally placed. Don’t get on to me for not knowing, that’s not what I am here for. I am freaking out now because when I opened the disc thing to put a game in it, it made this strange noise and then the screen froze and it had a bunch of dots on the screen. I unplugged everything and blew on the cords and plugged it back in and it worked and I began to update my console and it froze again with the dots so I redid everything from previously and it was almost done updating and, once again, it froze with dots, but the next time, It got done updating and I actually got to play some of the game I had and then the whole tv went black but the console was still on and the controller. What do I do? I’m scared because my mom got that for me and my sister and she doesn’t know yet. Can I fix it or is it broken? Please help

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  1. The disc you have used might got scratched. Try using other game and see if it does the same. Just lie your mom and act the fool if it doesn't work. Tell her you don't have any idea abput what is happening and take the xbox to warranty. Don't tell them what happened, just tell them it got broke. If they refuse to repair it, get it into paid service.

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