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how to take a video off singstar on ps3 to my Pc so i can put it on youtube?


My son loves the singstar on the ps3 and he has done some wicked music videos, is there a way of taking it off the PS3 to my PC?

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  1. it iz vry easy get d hard drive out n copy.anoder way is go onl9 during gameplay n upload it in d official site n later get d url n copy 2 utube.done

  2. You can try online flv converter,

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  3. There is no currently no way that this can be done. The videos form part of the game data on the HDD and there’s no way of extracting them. The only hack you could do is record the playback using a camera (I know.this would look * ;-))

  4. I don’t know if this works because I haven’t tried it. But if you can put the video onto the hard drive and then go to the browser on your ps3 and then go to youtube and upload it from there. I have emailed using the ps3 browser and gotten pictures to upload into my email so this might work.

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