How to play ps3 games on ps4

How to play ps3 games on ps4


How to play ps3 games on ps4

PS4 Backwards Compatibility - NOT what we wanted to hear...


  1. man I just wanna play jak daxtar again but I have to get a ps2 or a ps3 to play and I never even got the full. experience of that game when I was like 9 i only got through like 20 or 30 % or even like 15 I just wanna play it again to refresh my childhood cuz my friend let me barrow it now I can't even play it just wow well I hope this works

  2. Switching over from Xbox One, I was hoping to be able to play backwards compatibility without being charged extra for it. Monthly. Never thought it would win a point over PS4. Guess I found one lol.

  3. wait do you need PS3 to able to play PS3 Games On PS4 If So I'm Going To Flip The Table If It Doesn't Thank You Very Much Men and I Wish There's Tekken Games Though

  4. I think I can see playstation saying something like this a week before E3 only to turn around and announce it would be coming AT E3. But it would seriously be cool to just go back in time and play these old games on our new consoles.

    Thanks for the love and support on this video everyone! <3

  5. plus I don't want backwards compatibility to play games I've already played. I bought a Nex Gen Console for Nex Gen Games. I didn't buy it for Old games we've already experienced. if your one of the Dumbasses who wants backwards compatibility should've kept your old consoles and not sell em. quit being a dumbshit for a feature, no one cares for either consoles.

  6. Not to mention that someone managed to create a working PS3 emulator which proves its possible.

  7. Sooo this guy thinks that graphics are everything great this guy doesn't play old games then, he doesn't know the nostalgia you get from playing the best old games and not streaming them for a monthly cost like the ps2 on ps4 is.

  8. does it make me a bad person if i like my ps4?
    because i had a xbox one but it kept lagging and i really wanted to play firewatch and uncharted on the xbox but it was a ps4 exclusive.
    and i don't want to get a pc because there expencive and i'm a console person so yeah

  9. I remember when the xbox 360 played original xbox games, so I could play Simpson's hit n run, halo, and other fun games, why can't they bring the nostalgia to PlayStation players, all gamers should go back and play the games they enjoyed. Sure us Xbox One players get backwards compatibility, but I think all gamers should have the same nostalgia xbox players have.

  10. we not talking about backward comparable games for PS3 and 2. I want PS3 comparable games. every PlayStation console can play PS1 games. atleast all my PlayStation consoles can play PS1.

  11. soon the Xbox One will have the backwards compatibility to the Original Xbox

  12. No interest on backwards compatibility, I play those games in other devices, people are really fool by MS, they are doing this "backwards compatibility" because they are behind everything, do you remember Xbox compatibility on Xbox 360??? they never did something good with it because they where on top, WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE THAT ALWAYS SAYING WE WANT NEW GAMES???? AND YET THEY TALKING ABOUT "backwards compatibility" ON XBOX ONE, WOW…..

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